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The most popular clubs

The ranking shows the popularity of the clubs among the Transfermarkt users. It is the result of the question "Who would you want to win?".

1. Every user can vote but only the votes of all registered Transfermarkt users are counted.

2. You can only vote once for every single match.

3. If an already voted match appeares again you can vote again but the previous vote will be overwritten. So it is always possible to change your opinion over time.

4. The display can be filtered to switch between clubs and national teams or to change the ranking of a continental association, country or competition. It is also possible to show just the results of the fans of a selected club. The favorite club which was selected in the TM user profile counts in this case.

Who would you want to win?

Opinion of the TM users

1.FC Lokomotive Leipzig
66 %34 %
Hertha BSC II

New round!

versus SV Babelsberg 03SV Babelsberg 03 Tennis Borussia BerlinTennis Borussia Berlin

Filter clubs

Regionalliga Nordost
1FC Carl Zeiss JenaFC Carl Zeiss Jena472253
21.FC Lokomotive Leipzig1.FC Lokomotive Leipzig378239
3Tennis Borussia BerlinTennis Borussia Berlin11574
4BSG Chemie LeipzigBSG Chemie Leipzig253175
5Chemnitzer FCChemnitzer FC333231
6FC Energie CottbusFC Energie Cottbus505352
7SV Babelsberg 03SV Babelsberg 03437404
8BFC DynamoBFC Dynamo498478
9SV Lichtenberg 47SV Lichtenberg 47144141
10Bischofswerdaer FV 08Bischofswerdaer FV 08192189
11FSV Union FürstenwaldeFSV Union Fürstenwalde285295
12FC Viktoria 1889 BerlinFC Viktoria 1889 Berlin389415
13ZFC MeuselwitzZFC Meuselwitz378414
14Germania HalberstadtGermania Halberstadt355391
15VfB AuerbachVfB Auerbach385451
16VSG AltglienickeVSG Altglienicke194246
17Berliner AK 07Berliner AK 07362485
18FSV Optik RathenowFSV Optik Rathenow275378
19FSV 63 LuckenwaldeFSV 63 Luckenwalde241369
20Hertha BSC IIHertha BSC II207418
Your most popular clubs
Regionalliga Nordost
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